Corporate Communication

Training Seminars

Stratcom Consultants offers training seminars on communication, corporate communication and presentation skills for professionals. Our seminars aim at enriching the knowledge and enhancing the skills of all participants. Training is  based on both theory and practice and we include a variety of examples, training exercises and role playing. Our modern teaching methods help every participant draw on their own experience and develop their individual skills. Upon successful completion of our seminars all participants are given a certificate of attendance. 

Our training seminars are unique and carefully designed to target the needs of each individual and/or organisation, improve the communication skills of employees and build an environment of trust and mutual understanding within their working environment. 

We offer training seminars on a variety of topics for all members of the workforce.

Our most popular training seminars include:

  Presentation Skills for Managers and Marketing professionals

  Presentation Skills and Body Language in the office

  Preparing, Rehearsing and Executing of Presentations to clients

  Corporate Communication Skills I

  Corporate Communication Skills II (advanced)

  Effective Communication with demanding - difficult costumers

  Managing Communication in the office

  Written Communication Skills

  Telephone Communication Skills

  Communication Training for technical staff

  Receptionist training from A- Z

  Personal Assistant Training

  Body Language in the Working Environment

We offer these training seminars for groups working within the same organisation / company in order to coordinate their corporate profile and image.

We regularly hold private - one on one seminars for a more personalised, focused and successful outcome for managers.

If you wish to organise a specialised - tailor made training seminar please contact us so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

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