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Interview Skills

Recent graduates and people who are looking for a job often feel terrified and worried when it comes to attending a job interview for that highly desired job.

We are here to help our clients reach their full potential as a person, gain more confidence and improve their interview skills. We encourage job seekers to Increase their skills and chances in getting hired today by joining one of our specialised seminars.

Through our private one on one seminars we also help HR Managers, Business owners and Directors develop their interview skills and style. They learn how to evaluate CVs, what questions to ask and what to watch for in order to find that special employee they are looking for.


Our most popular training seminars include:

     From CV to pay check: Job seekers guide to their dream job

     Develop and practice your Interview Skills: Jobseekers

     Coping with stress during an interview: Nail that interview!

     Key questions during interviews - Interviewer training 1.0

     How to locate and identify a star employee - Interviewer training 2.0

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CV's and COver Letters

Every adult needs to have an updated CV at all times. This can be to used in a job application, a University application, an online profile, article or even the social media.

We work closely with our clients in producing a professional, complete and impressive CV illustrating their best qualities and skills. We also assist job seekers and other candidates in creating a unique, personalised and interesting cover letter to complement their application.

We often help our international clients create their CV and Cover letters through email / online call.

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Boost your self esteem and become more dynamic and successful in your professional and personal life. Join one of our personal development seminars and improve your Communication, Public Relations and Networking skills.

Practice on how to present yourself with confidence and certainty. Learn how to use your body language, your voice and movement in order to effectively portray your feelings and emotions.

During our seminars we use real life examples, role play and personal experiences to learn and develop ourselves further. By the end of our seminars our participants can cope with anxiety, nervousness and fear of being around other people. They are more relaxed and confident.

Our most popular training seminars include:

     Body Language skills in the professional environment

     Presentation skills: Feel and Be more confident

     Communication is the key for good relations

     Business and Personal Communication

     Quality Interaction and Communication with all family members

     Positive attitude and knowledge leads to success

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Personal Development

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